The Anglican Church of Canada requires that at least one of the two people being married, but preferably both, be a baptized Christian. The vows made when a person is baptized are about adoption into God’s family and active membership in the Church. Therefore, we at Christ Church believe it is vitally important for all couples contemplating marriage here to engage with the fact of Jesus Christ and His Church as a part of their marriage relationship.

The Christ Church Anglican building is a beautiful one. It is full of historic memorabilia and gorgeous stained glass windows. However, it is more than just a building to be used for a beautiful event. It is also, and more importantly, the community of Christians who use this building as the place in which to gather to worship God week by week and from here do good works in our community and the world.

Any Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage in the Christ Church Anglican Church building is considered to be an important act of Christian worship and a part of the life of the community. So, if you are contemplating marriage at Christ Church, you need to know that you are choosing what is very much a religious— specifically Christian—ceremony which will be  held in a place which is a part of a vibrant worshipping community. In this context, the Bible will be read, prayers prayed and you will make solemn vows, not only before a priest, friends and family, but also before the Living God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are not active worshipping members of a Christian church community, you are strongly urged to join us in worship, share in the life of our community and to explore what it means to follow Jesus before deciding on a Christian wedding.

Guidelines for those who have decided on a Christian wedding at Christ Church Anglican.

Notice: at least three months to allow time for marriage preparation.

Previous Marriages: where one, or both, persons have been divorced, it is required that an application to marry in the Church be made to the Marriage Commission of the diocese. This must be discussed with the priest before any wedding date can be set. NOTE: this process can take a few months, plan ahead.

Preparation: it is important that all who seek marriage in the Church come to a solid understanding of what Christian marriage is. By definition, the word Christian is about Jesus Christ and His Church. So, at Christ Church, preparation for Christian marriage usually involves:

  • taking part in a preparation day at Christ Church or local marriage preparation weekend (held frequently)
  • a session to study and discuss the Bible passages pertaining to marriage
  • a session to look at what is said and done in the ceremony itself

During the preparation we hope each couple will be able to look carefully, and honestly, at why Jesus Christ and His Church are (or are not) a part of their lives and relationship.

License: available at Alberta Registry offices and valid for three months from the day of issue.

Presiders: With the permission of the Clergy, anyone holding proper credentials from the Alberta Provincial Government and a recognized Christian denomination may preside at a wedding ceremony at Christ Church.

Cost: There is a $500 facilities fee for those who are not active members of Christ Church. There is no fee expected for the Priest of the parish, but you should pay a retired priest or someone who is not on parish salary. The facilities fee, or any donations, should be given to the officiating clergy person no later than the rehearsal. Cheques should be made out to Christ Church Anglican Church.

If you wish to explore the Celebration and Blessing of a Christian Marriage at Christ Church, contact:

The Reverend Andy Lees or The Reverend Joanne Parnham
Christ Church Anglican Church
Box 1117, Fort Macleod AB  T0L0Z0