The ACW, or Anglican Church Women is a group of women who have a long history in the Anglican Church. To see a complete history please visit:

April 21st 1885 was the date where the Foreign Missionary Society in Ottawa was formed to help with missionary work. They began to spring up branches in parishes throughout Canada.

Their main and first goals was missionary work. They focused originally on the Northern regions of Canada helping to set up Sunday schools, Medical care and education.

They are an amazing group of women across the country who profoundly add to the vitality and life of our parishes and God’s church.

At Christ Church, we have an active group of women who regularly:

  • Provide lunch for meetings
  • Provide funeral luncheons
  • Support a Compassion Child
  • Give generously to the Ecumenical Campus Ministry
  • Make plates of cookies for those who are housebound around Christmas
  • Bake delicious apple pies as a fundraiser
  • Provide the Coffee for our fellowship times

If you are a woman and are looking for fellowship and meaningful community – these are your ladies!!

Meetings take place every third Monday at 7pm in the Church Hall.