Sunday School

Our Sunday School invites all children from 5-12 to join them on Sunday mornings. For a time during the service.  The children learn bible stories, they make crafts, create artwork and have an opportunity in an open and welcoming group to ask questions and explore their faith. We have a group of dedicated Sunday School Teachers who faithfully provide leadership and caring for these children.

Once a month (usually the last Sunday) the children are welcomed to take part in helping to lead the worship service. They can do any number of things including:

  • Reading one of 3 bible passages  (given to them prior, in a very readable translation!)
  • Saying the prayers (written out for them)
  • Taking the prayers to the altar (a job we created for wee ones)
  • Helping bring up the offerings
  • Crucifer – (Bringing up the cross)
  • Lighting and extinguishing candles
  • Helping serve communion
  • Helping the preparation of communion
  • Play music or sing.

These are a few ways they have taken part and there really is no limit to how many things they could do. We are open to suggestions!

We have a room available as a nursery and plenty of volunteers who are happy to snuggle your little one and play whilst you worship!