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Where we’re located

Christ Church Anglican is in historic Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada.


What are worship services like?

Worship services at Christ Church are usually from the BAS (Book of Alternative Services) or the BCP (Book of Common Prayer), and include Communion most Sundays. Our regular service begins at 10:30 am. This service includes music which is a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary music.

Once a month, the youth and children take over leading a large portion of the service. This is a great time for the children (and adults) to share and learn in worship together.

Occasionally, we have a Contemplative Service at 9am as well. This service includes a great deal more silence and uses the Northumbria Community Celtic Morning Prayer as a guideline.

What else happens on a Sunday?

There is Sunday School for children ages 5-12. The children are taught stories from the bible and they take part in singing, craft making and games. Following the service there is a time of visiting with coffee, tea, juice and snacks. On a pretty regular basis we also have Potluck lunches after the service.

What happens on other days?

Christ Church is a pretty busy place. You can check our CALENDAR (link?) to see all the activities which take place during the week/month.

What does the Church believe?

We are an Anglican Church. The Anglican Church of Canada website does a great job of explaining not only what our basic beliefs are, but a bit about our history, what to expect when you visit an Anglican church and how we are organized.

What do I wear?

We do not have a dress code. We wear whatever is comfortable and what each person feels is appropriate for worship. Our priest will be wearing a long white gown called an “Alb” and a long scarf-life garment called a “stole”. They will be happy to explain the significance of those if you would like to know! (along with any other questions you have)

How do I know when I belong?

All are welcome to join us for worship and in any other areas you feel will enrich your spiritual life. There is no ID card or secret handshake in our community! We do use Baptism as our way of “officially” inviting you into the worshiping community and into a new life with Christ. However, if you have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in another church community, we recognize that here at Christ Church.

Can I talk to the minister?

Yes, of course! Just check on the site under “Staff” or “Contact us” and you will see contact information there. You can call, email or leave a message on our Facebook page too!